Special Steel

The SIDUR brand represents wear-resistant steel


The SIDUR steel group represents a palette of wear-resistant steels that has been specifically developed for applications requiring high resistance to wear. These are most commonly used in the most important processes in the transportation of soil and ore, in the cement industry, chemical industry, agriculture, asphalt bases, etc. The selected chemical composition and heat treatment guarantee the functionality of the steel with a guaranteed toughness at low temperatures and a classified hardness in the range of 250 to 600 HB. SIDUR steel is supplied in hardened and heat treatment condition, depending on the quality and dimensions

The SIMAXX brand encompasses fine-grained, micro-alloyed high-strength steels, also known as High-strength low-alloy steel (HSLA). Steel is supplied with guarantees that exclude tensile strength and elongation. The required properties are obtained with intensive cooling under shower water and subsequent failure. The characteristic of SIMAXX steel is guaranteed low temperature toughness (-20 °C, -40 °C and -60 °C), including larger cross-sections. The selected chemical composition and the carbon equivalent content gives steel the necessary weldability ability, appropriate bending features and the possibility of laser cutting sheet metal in the final delivery condition. SIMAXX heavy steel plates are thus intended for the welded construction of bridges, cranes, engineering components and mining equipment.